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This is what women with endometriosis want from their doctors

Helping women with endometriosis as a doctor can be a tricky thing. Although awareness and research has increased in recent years, there is still so much we do not know about endometriosis and how to assist those who live with it. Even so, there are many ways medical and health professionals can help ease the burden of this disease for women.
My colleagues and I recently published a paper that captured a diverse range of women’s perspectives on receiving endometriosis care from doctors (usually GPs and gynaecologists). Below are the things these women told us they need and want.
Above all, women want to be listened to and believed.
A healthcare system designed for acute health problems produces constraints that make it difficult to listen to all patients’ stories. And we live in a society where women are often silenced or ignored; doctors are human beings and thus not immune to sociocultural influences. Here are some specific communication skills women valued: Being asked about their ‘sto…

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