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Period positivity: Why it matters and how to do it

I wrote the following post for the Tsuno blog in 2016. As their blog is now offline, I have reposted it here to ensure it is still accessible. Happy reading! - Kate

With 2015 being named the 'year of the period' it seems that period positivity is on the rise. Hooray!

So what does it mean to be period positive? I think Chella Quint of the #periodpositive campaign puts it best:
"If you are period positive, this means you are willing to confidently ask and/or frankly answer questions about periods ... avoid passing on shame to others, and if you joke about it, that you make sure [people who menstruate] aren't the butt of the joke."
It's your period and you are entitled to feel about it anyway that you like. Period positivity isn't about loving having your period but rather to approach the concept of it in a positive way. It is to see it as a natural physiological process rather than a shameful or dirty thing.

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