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Mistakes I’ve made in qualitative research interviews that you might be doing too

Well, this is embarrassing…
I recently commenced a new qualitative research project that sees me conducting semi-structured interviews with women and clinicians. Before I started interviewing I did a skill review of my interviewing technique. In this post I will share the things that I think I could have done better and how I have or will address them. 
Like I said, embarrassing. But important.
In my short research career I’ve completed three different sets of interviews: (a) in-depth interviews with women about their experiences of endometriosis, (b) semi-structured interviews with doctors (GPs and gynaecologists) about their perceptions of women’s experiences of endometriosis, and (c) semi-structured interviews with men who did and did not have prostate cancer about their related perceptions and experiences. 

I read back over all the interview transcripts focusing on what I had said, rather than what the participant had said. (If you're further in your career perhaps do a …

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